LaunchPad Guided AP Program for Henretta 8th Ed

Please see me to gain a student access code. LaunchPad offers students guided practice with the Henretta text including practice questions that adapt to the student level over time.


Chicago based ed-tech start up that has built an impressive amount of practice AP and SAT exam questions. Worth a shot if you are looking for additional practice.

Reading Comprehension Help

Being a strong reader, who retains key information,requires practice! Technology has enabled students to get away with reading less and the result is a large number of students who struggle to read and comprehend at a collegiate level.

Reading Comprehension And Speed Reading Tips And Tricks by Rasmussen College Staff

Chunking the Text from Facing History

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Online APUSH Reading and Test Support Sites

A massive collection of online review videos and video guides that helps students review and survive the heavy content of AP US History.

QUIZLET (e-Note Cards)


  • This technology will be used frequently during the school year to help review for major exams. It is similar to Socrative software and is a WiFi based clicker system. ( )

Suggested Review Books for AP Test


  • This is consistently the best review book for the AP US History exam. It is relatively concise and available at every bookstore or at 


  • One of the better AP review books available. It does not come with answers, but I can provide those to you later in the school year.


APUSH Brinkley Textbook 13th Ed Review Quizzes (This is a different book but it is aligned very similarly to the Henretta text)

AP FINAL EXAM REVIEW                                                   EXAM DATE: FRIDAY MAY 10, 2019

  • Released Practice Exam (TBD)