Unit 2: Chapters 4-6

Required Readings 

  1. Henretta Textbook Ch. 4-6

  2. Class Discussion/Debate on 1st and 2nd Amendments and American Identity

Unit 3: Chapters 7-9

Required Readings

Unit 4: Chapters 10-12

Required Readings

Optional Readings, Artwork and Literature (Romanticism in America)

Unit 7: Chapters 19-21

Require Readings

Extra Credit Assignment

In-class discussion: Progressivism and Education (Ch. 20-21)

Directions: In-class we will discuss the article "How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?" as well as watch the videos below on the Asch Conformity Experiment and Your Phone is Trying to Control Your Life. 


Silicon Valley and the technological revolution that it supports is often viewed as a progressive and inclusive example of making the world (and human lives) better. This is not unlike the view of early progressives who believed that reform (change) equaled progress. However, we are increasingly seeing questions raised about the validity of technological change. 

Your assignment is to form a small group of ~4 students to discuss and develop a working argument on the following statement: To what extent has the technological revolution of Silicon Valley proved successful in improving the lives of Americans? 

Arguments need to be supported by group research from academic or valid sources. The work needs to be typed, 3-5 pages (Double-spaced 12 pt font Times New Roman, 1" margins) Please cite ALL your sources in-text using MLA format.

The group will present to the class their argument and evidence, so a PPT is also required.  

This article was chosen because it fits with the theme of Progressivism:  Reform means Progress. It is clear technology affects student learning, but what isn't clear is whether that has been good, bad, or somewhere in-between. This is where you should focus your critique. 

NY Mag: More the 50% of All Online Money Goes to Amazon or Google

USA Today: 5 Companies Own 70% of Online Dollars

The Nation: The New Silicon Valley Movement