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Alexa   Smoothie

Vincent Busque - Protein Cakes!!

Lexi     Oreo Choclate Truffle

Ray      Popcorn with Hair Straightener

Sharon and Kerlin    Breakfast Burritos

Todd      Potato Chips in a Microwave

Kasey    French toast in a mug

Andrew    Bagel Chips in Microwave

Jose      Mac N Cheese

Sana     Fried rice with rice cooker

Fernando    Chancla (Tortilla, Ham, Cheese, Mustard)

Hailey    PB, S'mores, Brownie No Bake

Tania    Pizza Bagels or Nachos

Alexis    Torta Jamon (no heat)

Mitzi    Yogurt and Fruit Cups

Tony Cereal and Marshmallow No Bake

Kandy - Banana Cake

Period 3    

Bobby    Toaster Oven Quesadilla

Sofia Hot Cheetos Nachos

Axel and Jack - Grilled Cheese with Iron

Marcus    Microwave French Toast

Kevin and Joey   Pizza Bagel in Toaster Oven

Bay    Chia Pudding

Lucas    Protein Smoothie

Jaime    Two-item waffles

Keaton    Panini

Ben and Noah    Eggs in a Bag

Nicky Oreo Crunch Truffles

Matt    No bake energy bites

Clara    Cake in a cup

Alex    Oatmeal

Sally     Rice crispy treats in mug

Reed    Mac 'N Cheese in a mug

Taylor    S'mores in Microwave

Sarah    Trail Mix/Otsuka Granola

Ben and Shimbo    Prison Ramen

Kevin and Genevieve    Vegetarian sliders

Dorm Room HACKS (Extra Credit) 

Ray and Greta - Not sure exactly what this is....