Extra Readings on Recent Political Events

Many students have expressed interest in additional readings regarding the recent presidential election. I have added some readings on topics related to globalization, class conflicts, the future of work, reactions from people who represent marginalized groups, etc. Please come chat with me if you'd like to discuss any of these recent events more in depth. 

Study and Success Strategies

A must read for all students. The UC Berkeley Student Learning Center provides tips on dealing with tests, proper note taking, and healthy study habits including avoiding procrastination!

AP US History Resources

Brinkley Textbook Website  (Different textbook but still has great resources including practice tests for students. No account needed)

Interactive Constitution - An excellent resource for students to engage with the most important document in their daily lives. A double plus is the project is supported by the College Board so it is up to their standards. 

AP US Practice Questions  #1 #2 #3

AP Study Notes

AP Gilder Lehrman (one of the best sites online)

AP Government Review

AP StudyNotes.org (also has links for US and English review)

AP Government Practice Exam IIIIIIIV

AP Government Review Packets/Manuels IIIIII

AP Economics

AC/DC Economics

College Board Macro Exam Tips

YouTube Vid explaining graphs


Non-AP History

Reelect Abraham Lincoln in 1864


The Cartoon History of US through WWI

by Larry Gonick